wedding at homestead barn

Homestead Barn

This beautiful building and the gardens around it make this the perfect place for an unforgettable day.

Ancient Spanish Monastery

This unique location in South Florida, with its 12th century Romanesque and Gothic flair, makes a perfect backdrop for a memorable event.

The Redlands

The landscape is dotted with fields, coral rock walls and the original clapboard houses of the first settlers and other historical structures from the early 20th century, making this area a perfect place for an event in direct contact with nature.

Woodland Plantation

This area of the country, full of history and beauty, is the perfect setting to have a wedding full of romance and elegance.

Jamaica - Antigua - Bahamas

Fifteen Sandals Resorts, located in wonderful places, allow you to choose the perfect setting to make your wedding a fairy tale.

St Lucia - Grenada - Barbados

All resorts offer comfort, luxury, and style, plus plenty of activities for you, your partner, and your guests.

cartagena colombia


Cartagena bewitches with its beauty, a destination wedding in this city is a work of art, full of sophistication and magic.

Bodas en Cartagena colombia

Chosen by nationals and foreigners, it has all the infrastructure that your event needs, to live the most important day in its history.


The landscape and climate of Medellin have no comparison. The city of "eternal spring" will fill your destination wedding with sweet scents.

Fill your destination wedding with color with the variety of flowers that this city offers.

Santo Domingo

This colonial city offers you many beautiful places to hold a beautiful event.

Punta Cana

Spectacular hotels, first-class service, a beautiful sea, are some of the reasons for choosing this destination for your wedding.

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